[SzSS-004] "Havoc Records Cassette Sampler" tape

90 minutes of finest US political hardcore punk, 1992-1996: eight full EPs by DESTROY!, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, AUS-ROTTEN, BRISTLE, CODE 13, MASSKONTROLL and H-100'S. Booklet with lyrics in English and comments translated into Russian and some pictures too + plastic bag.

Please note: This release isn't available for North America, Western Europe, or Japan. Sorry.

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90 минут отборного политического американского хардкор-панка. Восемь 7" EP, выпущенных в 1992-96 гг.: DESTROY! "Burn This Racist System Down" (грайнд / трэш), CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE "In A Few Hours Of Madness" (анархо-панк / трэш), AUS-ROTTEN "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" (хардкор / панк), BRISTLE "System" (стритпанк / панк'82), CODE 13 "Doomed Society" и "They Made A Wasteland And Called It Peace" (жестокий самобытный хардкор), MASSKONTROLL "Warpath" (ультрабрутальный дискор / трэш), H-100'S "Texas Death Match" (хардкор-панк / трэш). Кассета + буклет (8 стр. А5: тексты песен, комментарии, обложки) + пакетик.