Hello! SzSS is a DIY label / distro from St Petersburg, Russia. This is the current list of stuff that I can trade. Trading is most convenient for me and hopefully for you (you can order stuff from this list as well, ask for prices). Please send offers and inquiries to: SzSS, Dmitrij Ivanov, PO Box 30, St Petersburg-9, 195009, Russia / pnin@rambler.ru, szarapow@yahoo.com / www.sxsxs.cjb.net. Before I forget: SzSS has a strict no rip-off policy, but I may be a little slow sometimes (bug me if you feel I don't respond fast enough).
Love, Sharapov.

All bands from Russia if not marked otherwise. Tapes are good quality (most are original or dubbed off CDs), with decent-looking covers (in most cases offset or printer), and CDs/CDRs have cool designs too.

B'67 "Give Out" (OSK) tape
Fast old school hc, political, SxE.
"Bollok Wok" (Ronin) tape
Hc/punk, Malaysia.
BRIGADNYj PODRJAD "Vsjo - Punk Rok!" (Caravan) tape
Classic '77/streetpunk from 1988.
BUG CENTRAL s/t (Ronin) tape
Anarchopunk like Subhumans, UK.
"Cakne Care Concern" (Ronin) tape
Aghast (grind), Hulk Ogan (crossover), Strict Tease (punk), all Malaysia.
CHIMERA "Zudwa" (Whitehorse) CD, "1993" (Caravan) tape
Great experimental hc w/cello+trumpet.
CITA ATTIEKSME "Katram No Mums" (Austra) tape
Fast old school hc, very political, Latvia.
CLUSTER BOMB UNIT "To Russia With Love" (SzSS) tape
Crustcore, studio+live, Germany. (not for W.Europe, N.America, Japan).
"Concrete Jungle Guerillas" (NotLG) tape
Pichismo (esperantocore, Ukriane/Lithuania), Victimised (raw fast hc, Norway), Karies (like Disorder), SVK (fast political hc-punk).
DR GREEN "The Sounds Of Black & White Radio" (Ipecacuanha) tape
Ska-punk, cool, Lithuania.
DS-13 "Compilation Sessions + Live In Fukktown" (Busted Heads) tape
Old school hc / thrash, Sweden.
HATE TO STATE "Hate Demo" (demo) tape
Classic hc-punk / crust, Belarus.
"Havoc Records Cassette Sampler Vol. 1" (SzSS) tape
Aus-Rotten, Code 13, Masskontroll, etc. Great USA hc-punk. (not for W.Europe, N.America, Japan).
JUGENDSTIL "Nikto Nikomu Nichego" (Kurizza) CD/tape
Bauhaus meets Nomeansno.
KASSANDRA "Mund Auf, Augen Zu" (OSK) CDR
Chaotic emo-metalcore, Germany.
KOLESO DHARMY "Wheel Of Dharma" (demo) CDR
Hystericore (hc+punk+powerviolence), political lyrics, Russia / Finland.
LESBIAN BOY s/t (Perversion) tape
Experimental noiserock duo.
MRTVA BUDOUCNOST "The Worst Of 94-96" (Dod Framtid) tape
Extreme hc / grind, Czech Republic.
PTVP "Devstvennost" (SzSS) tape
Fast raw melodic hc-punk, great lyrics.
PTVP "Gex@gen" (SzSS/Ipecacuanha) tape
Melodic punk w/great lyrics and hip hop infl.
PTVP "Gex@gen" (AnTrop) CD
See above + 5 bonus tracks.
Melodic fast hc-punk / melodic r'n'r punk.
"Schaf In Der Herde?" (Depraved& Devilish) tape
German hc-punk sampler w/42 bands/songs.
Punk-pop like Pixies, Latvia / 'noisy folk grunge' w/accordion.
SPITFIRE "Night Hunting" (Shok) tape
Ska-punk, debut album.
STUNNIN' JIVESWEETS "Get Your Kix With These Six" (Shok) tape
Dance jazz in 40s style.
SVINI V KOSMOSE "Perevorot" (demo) tape
Fast political hc-punk.
"Take Full Responsibility For Your Actions" (Clipunzine) tape
Yugoslavian hc/punk.
TOXIC NARCOTIC "89-99" (SzSS) tape
Fast metally throaty hc-punk, USA.
UNCONFORM "2000" (OSK) tape
Melodic old school hc w/emo+rock infl.
"We All Are Positive" (SzSS) tape
Otkaz Ot Nasilija (dispunk), Posadil Derevo (metalcore), Cita Attieksme (old school hc, Latvia), xSkygrainx (melodic old school hc).
VIA ZUNAME "Os Cancoes Punk Dos Povos Mundo" (Ipecacuanha) tape
Funny punk/hc in Portuguese.
Just a slogan, universal.